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Building Extraordinary Relationships

TailorMade Marriages:

Empowering Your Love Story

Experience extraordinary relationship counseling at Tailormade Marriages, led by Pastor David Mills and Bernadette Mills. Our visionary owners are passionate about empowering couples to thrive. With their expertise in counseling and building strong connections, they create a transformative environment that equips you with the tools for lasting love. Join us on this remarkable journey towards extraordinary relationships and fulfillment.

Hi There!

We are Pastor David and Bernadette Mills and we are thrilled to be your guides on the path to extraordinary relationships. Our mission is to provide you with the tools, resources, and support needed to create a remarkable love story that surpasses your wildest dreams.

Pasotor David Mills amd his wife Bernadette
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What We Offer

Pre-marital Counseling
We help engaged couples prepare for marriage by addressing various aspects of their relationship, communication, expectations, and potential challenges.

Marriage Counseling
We provide counseling services to married couples who may be facing difficulties or seeking guidance to strengthen their relationship.

Weekend Seminars

Our weekend seminars provide a deeper exploration of relationship dynamics, communication strategies, and problem-solving techniques, allowing couples to gain valuable insights and practical tools.

Getaway Weekends

These are retreat-style experiences where couples can take a break from their daily routines and spend quality time together. They often include a combination of relaxation, recreation, and relationship-focused activities.

Date Nights

We organize regular date nights. These evenings are tailored to bring couples closer, fostering fun and meaningful experiences that enhance their relationship.

One-day Events

We offer shorter events that focus on specific topics or aspects of relationships and marriages. 

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
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Happy Couples

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